50 Questions to Uncover Your Purpose

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So, what’s next?

What’s my purpose?

01. How did you come to be here in your life?

02. What have you achieved to date?

03. How do you spend your time?

04. How do you spend your money?

05. When do you feel drained?

06. What or who makes you feel angry or frustrated?

07. What change do you want to see?

08. What are you distinctly good at?

09. What do people come to you for advice on?

10. What activities get you into flow?

11. What do you enjoy talking about, listening to, watching, or reading?

12. What are your quirks?

13. What’s your preferred work environment?

14. What’s your preferred communication style?

15. Do you prefer predictability or spontaneity?

16. Do you tend to be more an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert?

17. Do you tend to be more interested in ideas or facts?

18. Do you tend to make decisions based on logic or feelings?

19. Do you tend to respond to inner or outer expectations? Neither or both?

20. What personality traits are you most proud of?

21. What identity do you most associate with?

22. What are you striving to improve?

23. What’s a common misconception about you?

24. What do you wish people knew about you?

25. Whose career do you admire?

26. Who do you want to connect with?

27. What’s your vision for your career one year from now?

28. What habits would you need to break?

29. What habits would you need to cultivate?

30. What skills would you like to improve or learn?

31. Aside from your career, what other areas of your life are impacting your wellness?

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32. Rank your top 10 things you would do in an ideal week.

33. Reflect on the visceral moments in your life.

34. What type of work would you do for less money than you make now?

35. How much money do you need to support your minimum viable lifestyle?

36. What are your core values?

37. What patterns do you see?

38. What career options come to mind?

39. Which three options are you most drawn to?

40. What is your gut reaction?

41. Does it reflect your core values?

42. Will you enjoy the day-to-day work?

43. Will you experience growth?

44. Will you have a meaningful impact?

45. Is it viable?

46. Are you willing to overcome the obstacles?

47. What’s next?

48. So, what small step can you take today?

49. What’s coming up for you now?

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50. What are you taking away from this?

Purpose is a process, not a destination.

A space for courageous curiosity. 🌱 Career & Business Coach — @darabelliott 🌊 San Francisco

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